AIM Credit Strategies Fund

AIM Credit Strategies Fund is the first strategy which was launched in commingled fund format on our Irish platform in May 2009. At that time, the objective was to take advantage of credit opportunities arising in the aftermath of global financial crisis. Today the fund continues to target opportunities created by both temporary dislocations and secular changes that are often overlooked by traditional credit investors due to complexity, illiquidity and labor intensiveness. It offers investors additional diversification benefits and return enhancement by augmenting traditional credit investments and by expanding the credit universe into alternative credit. The fund seeks to achieve an absolute return target of 7-9% p.a. over the credit cycle.

AIM Diversified Strategies Fund

AIM Diversified Strategies Fund was constructed as a commingled fund of hedge funds from the most high quality hedge fund investments under our management at the time of inception in September 2009. It represents a continuation on how the company and its founders had managed hedge fund investments for many years to be offered for the first time under our own brand. Today the fund has evolved to become a concentrated portfolio of what we perceive as high quality managers in the hedge fund world. Overall, the focus is on underlying funds that emphasize good risk management and creating idiosyncratic returns. The fund seeks to achieve an absolute return target of 7 – 9 % p.a.

AIM Insurance Strategies Fund

AIM Insurance Strategies Fund was launched in the aftermath of 2011 earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. At that time, the global reinsurance industry capital shortage offered good return opportunities. Our view was that a fund which invests in dedicated ILS funds, and not only cat bonds or external cat bond managers, would be the best and most capital efficient way to take advantage of the opportunity. In that way, the fund is able to offer investors a reasonable return from a diversifying return source. Our emphasis continues to be in peak perils of catastrophe reinsurance but in recent years the fund has also diversified towards other re/insurance lines of business. Prudent diversification of tail risk is endeavored to the extent beneficial to investors.